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I'm composer from Finland. I have made music for games, animations, radio, tv, theatre and even more. Visit my website to find out more: http://www.eluukkanen.com/

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eluukkanen's News

Posted by eluukkanen - 5 days ago

Now time to listen relaxing royalty free music! Relaxing spring music, Spring Optimism, is an instrumental guitar electronic track with best combination of melodies and harmonies. Let the spring begin!


Posted by eluukkanen - 10 days ago

Age of Empires 2 song remastered to its full quality from AoE2 OST, Ride, Lawrence, Ride!


Posted by eluukkanen - 11 days ago

Composer or any creative person should be the one in control of their Intellectual Property!


Posted by eluukkanen - 1 month ago

Mardek Boss theme remastered from classic Flash Game Mardek Series! Enjoy music originally made by Tobias Cornwall, remade with brand new quality instruments!


Posted by eluukkanen - March 14th, 2019

RPG Battle Music, here we come! Time for battle music in RPG Paper Maker OST! Used as background music in random battles to boss encounters, this royalty free music track fits any indie developer's needs!


Posted by eluukkanen - March 12th, 2019

Let's remake Sly Cooper 1 OST and Stealthy Approach. Time to go back to Sly 1 and remaster its soundtrack to full glory. This time a favorite track Sly Cooper and the Thievious Raccoonus, Stealthy Approach.

Sly Cooper games stand out as mascot platforms, focusing on stealth and thieving challenges, having original three games back in PS2 era. Sly cooper Thieves in Time continued the tradition, but the original Thievious Raccoonus (Sly 1) was very unique case in beginning of this franchise. Sly Cooper OST was in Sly 2 and Sly 3 composed by Peter McConnell but the first one was made by not that well-known composer Ashif Hakik. While his soundtrack has sadly only few melodies I adore, Stealthy Approach is one I do remember, as it was in one of the first levels of the game.


Posted by eluukkanen - February 5th, 2019

Moomin Music remastered and remixed with best quality instruments! Join to Moominvalley with this likable theme from Moomin TV show!


Posted by eluukkanen - January 31st, 2019

Dungeon is a Dark and sometimes very lonely place. This orchestral track gives subtle, yet effective hints from a mysterious dungeon ahead. Many travelers have tried to conquer if, but have failed due the dangers that fantasy dungeon has within.




Posted by eluukkanen - January 29th, 2019

Trash Mountain Day theme remastered from Digimon World OST!  Welcome back to Digimon World's dark side on a city made on dumpster - Trash Mountain!

A dark side in Digimon World 1 which I truly despise, the fact that there are Sukamon and Mumemon made from fesses. Ew... That is why I avoided this track for the longest of time, but I could not avoid it, so here we dive into the wretched and awfully smelling Trash Mountain day theme remix.


Posted by eluukkanen - January 21st, 2019

Tropical Jungle remastered night music from Digimon World 1! Remastered with high-quality bells and atmospheric jungle drums!